First ISC market exploration visit in Vietnam after restrictions

Within the International Startup Campus project the SEPT Competence Center organizes the first market exploration visit for six German start-ups to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The visit will take place between the 9th and 23rd of June 2022.

The delegation will get a chance to experience more about the specifics of the Vietnamese market taking part in trainings and workshops organized by the SEPT team. On the other site the start-ups will be connected by the German Chamber of Commerce with the mentors sharing their practical experience about doing business in Vietnam.

The programme includes also site-visits in the WTC Bing Duong, Quang Trung Software City and the harbor in Ho Chi Minh City as well as participation in the events on site e.g. ICTCOMM trade fairs, DeutschenTreff organized by the German Business Association or networking event organized by the German Chamber of Commerce in HCMC.

Among the general events and sessions the SEPT tam will support the group with organizing bilateral meetings with potential business partners in Vietnam according to their needs.

The SEPT Competence Center organized for the group desks in coworking space of the UII – UEH Institute of Innovation for three weeks giving the group opportunity for networking with Vietnamese start-ups.

The SEPT Competence Center plans to organize the second market exploration visit between November/December 2022. If you are a German start-up interested in business development in Vietnam or looking for outsourcing partners, IT suppliers, customers and/or distributors please don’t hesitate to apply for our programme.

Please find more information about our offer here.

Interested start-ups can apply for our programme until July 31st 2022:

Please see the profiles of travelling start-ups:

Start-upProducts / ServicesNeedsContact
Breeze Technologies GmbHBreeze Technologies is a technology leader for air quality sensors, air quality data and clean air action intelligence. The company leverages the internet of things and artificial intelligence to help cities and businesses create better clean air action plans and a more liveable environment.
Breeze Technologies provides its products and services in 3 areas: indoor air quality, outdoor (urban) air quality and industrial ambient emissions.
Breeze Technologies was founded in 2015. It operates in 11 countries on 3 continents and partners with internationally-renown organizations like Microsoft, NTT, and SAP.
✓ Breeze Technologies is looking for pilot customers in the Vietnam ecosystem, as well as potential resellers and integration partners willing to develop solutions seamlessly working with Breeze Technologies’ Environmental Intelligence Suite.
✓ Additionally, information on potential market barriers for hardware and software products and import/export are of particular interest (e.g. required hardware certifications similar to the CE-label in Europe, potential requirements on data storage and processing, etc.).
✓ The team would also like to know more about
Disaster Relief SystemsThe DRS project aims to provide affordable technical equipment for the immediate aid in case of a humanitarian catastrophe. The system consists of stackable, connectable and transportable containers for the purpose of filtering water, generating power, establishing emergency communication and clearing streets. The units are designed to be as generic as they are simple in use.✓ Develop partnerships with Vietnamese experts, ministry, institutions, organizations and companies in the field of climate change, water and natural disaster relief
✓ Get to know current projects in the field of climate change, water and natural disaster relief
✓ Visiting/Doing excursion to regions which need clean water like western region (Mien Tay), Mekong Delta, …
✓ Get in contact with potential customers (dealers, retailers, organizations, military, …)
Dashfactory GmbHDashbike is first privacy-compliant safety camera for cyclists, which improves the safety of cyclists and gathers cycling data necessary for the improvement of the cycling infrastructure. DASHBIKE measures the passing distance between cars and bicycles and collects relevant data, which individuals can use as evidence for legal purposes. Besides, Dashfactory is a part of the clothing industry for cyclists. Dashfactory owns the brand Dashbike, which currently sells cycling jerseys, T-Shirts and Hoodies.✓ Looking for remote workforce in the field of software development and customization support of the software
✓ Packaging suppliers and manufacturers (product package): sustainable material, reasonable price, quick processing procedure
✓ Suppliers of sustainable materials for textile and clothing: special focus on recycling and sustainability (For example: from sea plastic, fish net,…)
✓ Manufacturers of clothing
✓ Meeting with the local cycling community
Charge Holidays GmbHThe hotel-booking platform’s machine learning system helps to discover new destinations based on our personal preferences. Through flexible location and time specifications, mass tourism is avoided and exclusive travel experiences are offered. The platform makes it possible to implement travel plans with a small footprint by enabling accommodations to communicate their sustainability management transparently. Additionally, the platform includes features like CO2-compensation, payment with Social Cashback and matching with destinations which the traveler has not thought about before.✓ Understanding how Vietnamese people travel, how much importance they lay in the sustainable behavior of accommodations they book, which tools and websites they use (for instance Apps and which App Store) and what kind of design and functionality they like
✓ Discover how Vietnamese companies manage their business travel and whether CO2-calculation is important
✓ Enlarge the amount of accommodations registered from Vietnam: understand the hotel market in Vietnam, get in touch to accommodation owners, understand their interest in sustainable development, goal: convince accommodations to register on our platform and adapt to their needs.
TwinSThe primary business of TwinS is the creation and distribution of our digital health twin for the analysis and improvement of health care and infrastructure. Our digital health twin is a detailed replication of a city or region, coupled with a synthetic population that reflects population and regional characteristics. Thus it enables a cost-effective implementation and evaluation of interventions and human behavior. TwinS provides consulting services for simulation inquiries of our digital health twin. The start-up offers a central health data platform with anonymized key data for self-use of companies and interested parties. Target customers are health authorities, public health departments, medical care companies, players in health care provision and companies interested in health data.✓ Becoming familiar with the Asian and especially the Vietnamese health and digitalization market.
✓ As Vietnam is one of the strongest growing markets in Asia with a high digitalization advancement it may provide an interesting starting point for an expansion into Asia.
✓ An important aspects to ascertain is the access and applicability of domestic data, in particular health data. Furthermore, TwinS is interested in networking with local companies and authorities to acquire new partners and stakeholders. A main objective would be a pilot project which we can conduct with a local partner or a prospective customer.

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