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SEPT Competence Center

All activities of the SEPT Competence Center at the Faculty of Economics and Management Science revolve around the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. We are convinced that the future of our economies relies on SMEs.

The SEPT Competence Center is a research and training center at the Faculty of Economics and Management Science of Leipzig University dedicated to providing theoretical insight as well as practical experience in the management and promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) worldwide.

Because of location in Germany, we have permanently the opportunity to learn from successful German SMEs and to analyze in detail their best practices and winning experiences, as well as those of the institutions that foster and promote them.

These exceptional ‘Mittelstand’ Firms, as they are labeled in Germany, are known worldwide for their dynamism and constant innovation. Additionally, many of them have managed to achieve leadership positions in many different countries and markets, basically with high-value-added products and services.

For these reasons, all programs that are offered by SEPT are based on the patterns of the outstanding German ‘Mittelstand’ and the measures that have been successfuly applied to promote them. Our main goal is to transmit this knowledge to institutions and firms from all over the world that are looking forward to implementing successful strategies in the promotion of SMEs.

All activities of SEPT Competence Center revolve around SMEs, as it can be seen in the following overview of activities.

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