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CAM – A very potential partner for VET in Vietnam

College of agricultural mechanics (CAM) was founded in 1960 as a public college directly under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam; It is one of the Vietnamese leading high-quality vocational schools well known domestically and internationally. CAM has a long track record of achievements, has a long history, and is currently training more than 60 occupations at all three levels: college, intermediate and elementary, in which 07 occupations met national standards, and 01 occupations met global standards.

Cam has a significant interest in international collaboration. They have had effective international cooperation achievements over the years. They are seeking reliable and strategic partners to collaborate based on the Win-Win principle.

CAM has such an intensive team that is in charge of science and international cooperation activities since 2014. They determine that a tight-knit relationship among 3 stakeholders are Vocational providers, Enterprises, and Policymakers is a key factor to develop vocational education. Without support from industries, vocational providers will consequent in heavy theory and graduates cannot meet the market’s needs. Without a legal framework from the public sector, vocational providers and private sectors cannot end up in agreement properly in rights and obligations.

Therefore, as a high qualified standard vocational provider in Vietnam, CAM is seeking for:

1. Partners who are excellent vocational providers needing collaborating in teaching and training, advanced program exchange, technology transfer, and teacher, student exchange. 

2. Partners who are enterprises having the need of internship students at the industrial sites, order the competent trained labor.

3. Partners are organizations who work for the goal of support developing countries through strengthening human resources, investing in infrastructure. 4. Partners are consultants in the vocational education field who can help us with information about TVET development projects and broaden the network of collaboration.